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General Mushroom House Information

Total growing surface:2544m²
Growing room:12 pcs
Growing room surface:between the 204 and 220m² per room
Mushrooms shelf system:1,34m wide
Mushrooms shelf system:5-beds high
Mushrooms shelf system:15m long
Last mushroom equipment purchased in:Some equipment is only used for 3 years
Type:Indoor Mushroom cultivation

Mushrooms Shelf System

Type:Dutch shelf, Thilot
Width:1,34m (between the sideboards)
Height:5 beds high
Rows:2 rows / growing room. Total 24 rows*

*From the last room there is some shelving missing. If requested Mush Comb can complete this shelving so you will have shelving for the complete 12 growing rooms.


Dutch shelf system. Thilot type.
Galavanised shelving including aluminium sideboards.
Distance between beds is 60cm
Including 110 Growing nets

Mushroom House Watering System

Mushroom Machinery / Mushroom Equipment / Mushroom Growing Supplies

  • 20 picking lorries including winch and picking racks
  • Limbraco winch for pulling and emptying including remote control
  • 2 Conveyors
  • Limbraco ruffling machine including machine lift and machine wagon
  • Filling machine for filling compost and casing separately
  • And other small available mushroom growing supplies

Mushroom Growing Room Climate Control

  • 8 climate units*
  • Used for indoor mushroom cultivation.
  • For mushroom growing houses of Ī 240m²
  • Units including fans, heating blocks, cooling blocks and frequency control etc.
  • With Gicom climate computer control system
  • For measurement of CO2, humidity, etc.
  • Cold storage, LxWxH = 7,1m x 2,54m x 2,7m with floor insulation of 10 cm
  • Central cooling, type Carrier 30GH050.
  • Including storage tank of 500 liter, 1 pump and 1 expansion tank of 50 liter
  • Socoter 260.000 Kcal steamboiler, with RiŽllo oil burner.
  • 2 Storage tanks of 1000 liter for watering
  • Including available ductwork

* There are only 8 climate units available. If requested Mush Comb can add 4 units to complete the 12 growing rooms.

Mushroom Growing Room Doors

  • Including available doors

This sale includes the whole inventory of the commercial mushroom farm. The building structures are not included and are not for sale. If you need additional mushroom production equipment, other type of mushroom growing houses or when you want to buy this mushroom farm then please contact us.

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